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I also put them on a cooling laptop pad, but it's not clear to me that this has any effect, except to raise the ambient white noise level in my workspace. I suppose that's irrelevant to this discussion, though. All I'm asking is that, when AppleInsider does analyses like this, you include some Xcode runs - get some large Swift codebases from GitHub they abound there , and pick one as your testbed baseline. Xcode is free from the Mac App Store, and for my money, is the single-most important source of compute workloads you should be evaluating.

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Run clean builds and incremental builds and time them. Include that along with CineBench and Geekbench and Handbrake video file transcodes and Final Cut Pro renders, and whatever else you're doing. I promise you, you will find that your video card matters less than nothing, when you view performance from this viewpoint. Reply 6 of If it helps with certain parts of my workflow, then great.

Reply 7 of December 30, 1: Otherwise, why should Cinebench scores be better than the i9 X? Reply 8 of Reply 9 of Reply 10 of December 30, 2: Reply 11 of December 30, 5: As with the previous generation, the latest MacBook Pro has gone all-in on Thunderbolt 3 ports and although it does have a rather generous allocation of four, you'll likely have to pick up an adapter of some kind if you want to plug in most peripherals.

The XPS, on the other hand, is positively bristling with ports.

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Not only does it include a Thunderbolt 3 port, it's also got two USB 3. There's only one Thunderbolt 3 port, but although we'd usually penalise a laptop for this, there's a dedicated charging port to handle power duties which leaves the Thunderbolt 3 port free for high-speed data or display connections.

The XPS 15 also boasts a couple of neat features that the MacBook Pro doesn't, such as facial recognition via Windows Hello in addition to the fingerprint reader built into the power button. We're still on the fence about the overall utility of the Touch Bar, too.

Road Trip Effect serial number |

While it's nice to have the ability to customise your shortcuts on a per-app basis, and some of the contextual features for apps like Adobe Photoshop are very cool, we found ourselves forgetting to use it most of the time - although that may be more of an indictment against us than anything else. It's also worth mentioning that in order to accommodate that lovely InfinityEdge display, Dell has once again stuck the camera on the bottom edge of the screen, so be prepared for some hilariously unflattering upward angles if you ever need to do any video conferencing.

The MacBook Pro is, by virtually every metric you could imagine, a near-perfect laptop.

It's lightweight, attractive and it goes like a bat out of hell. The XPS 15's not far behind, however, and the fact that Dell has managed to close the performance gap means that they're more evenly matched than ever. While that sound like an open and shut case, the MacBook Pro has a few key advantages. It's got a much better display, for a start, and a lighter, more streamlined chassis.

However, there's one very important thing that we've yet to mention: Apple products have always come at a premium, and so far that hasn't impacted their rising profile as enterprise-grade hardware. In this case, however, the MacBook Pro is just too expensive. Given that they're so closely matched, then, it is frankly outrageous that Apple is charging as much as it is for the 15in MacBook Pro.

From Austin to Houston, 5 unexpected restaurants that beckon for a detour

If you're charging double the price of the competition, your product had better be twice as good - and the MacBook simply isn't. If you've got several thousands of pounds burning a hole in your IT budget, by all means go for the new MacBook Pro - it is, pound for pound, the best laptop you can buy. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter.

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Clash of the titans Can Apple take on the king of enterprise tech? Image 1 of 9. The two biggest business notebooks figuratively and literally are neck and neck in terms of performance, but the extortionate price of the MacBook Pro makes the Dell XPS 15 a no-brainer. See related. Apple MacBook Pro 15in review: Power never looked so good.

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Best laptops Dell, Apple, Acer and more. Dell XPS 15 review: A beast under the bonnet. Read more about Laptops.

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