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Category: Video editing Version: Homepage: redgiant. What is Magic Bullet Suite? GNU Blackmagic Fusion most advanced visual effects solution. About Terms Contact.

Red Giant Releases Magic Bullet Looks 2.5

HitFilm Pro the all-in-one video editing and visual effects software. Adobe After Effects CC create incredible motion graphics and visual effects. Natron open-source compositing software. Ok, I'll start us off with a problem. This is not just a display quirk: I duplicated the situation in Motion and noticed that, if I then feed the resulting image into another instance layer of MBL 2, the RGB values are darker but visually not as dark as in the viewer.

This is amplified by the intensity of the effect applied, rather than constant i. I'm communicating with Red Giant, will let you know what they come up with.

how to get Magic Bullet Looks free - after effects

At the moment, this makes reliable grading with MBL 2 almost impossible. Last Edit: 11 Feb by goestas. I've suspected this, just wasn't sure whether it was MBL 2 or something else.

See also this comment. For example, it got really bad with slowdowns for me while grading h. FCP X taking minutes to quit, among other things, even though background rendering not even turned on. I'm trying to rattle Red Giant's cage on this as well right now. One thing I've pointed out what isn't exactly related only to MBL2 but almost all 3rd party effects and also some Apple's own is that effects soften non-square video material badly.

It doesn't happen with square pixel material. Plugin makers have confirmed this thing and it's very very bad if you're working for example with anamorphic SD material. Basicly it makes for example MBL2 totally useless for people working with non-square material. Last Edit: 11 Feb by tap5a.

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Couldn't this be rather easily solved by Apple by incorporating non-standard non sq. What I find curious is that your sample output is also being "smoothed" vertically I guess it could be solved kind easily by Apple. All effects work without problems with non-square material in Motion and basicly FCPX and Motion are sharing same rendering engine so problem is how effecs see material through Motion templates.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks Free Download | Mac Torrent Download

Basicly what happens now with SD anamorphic material and effects is that original is x and after you add for example MBL2 it gets scaled through Motion template to x so effect see it as square pixel, effect does it's processing and then FCPX scales it back to x for timeline. That's why all this softening. Just applied for a refund for Looks 2. Makes no logical sense to me, but, if Red Giant tech support says my rig can't support Looks 2, what can I do beside fill our a refund request form.

Mac Pro, 2 x 3. Makes no sense to me at all. Sounds a bit bogus to me too. Well, Red Giant tech support have been utterly silent in my case after I challenged them to please look into the problems instead of asking me what I consider irrelevant questions. I've had severe slow-downs, especially with h.

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In fairness, I am hearing that a lot of developers are apparently having problems with the latest FCP X. Hope someone from Red Giant is listening in , otherwise I might have to return that puppy to the store as well. First, yes, resource use can cause an app to crash. But we're basically dealing with a double edged sword here. FCP X and Motion 5 are running on a whole new framework technology here.


Philip Hodgetts has written extensively about this issue. As a trying my best to be retired IT engineer, I understand totally what vendors are going through and that it's all evolutionary and all for the best in the long run. What really ticks me off is when Red Giant ignores the technical data I've given them about my case, states I have two monitors on one card when I've told them twice I don't, and give me, personally, a career IT engineer not a repair tech , some BS techno-bable I see right through as a smoke screen.

Just tell me you're having problems! I can deal with that! AJA did, and I'm perfectly happy to wait with them. I refuse have some vendor I spent hard earned money with treat me in such a degrading, insulting way. That's what ticks me off. Nattress levels and Yanobox together are cheaper than Looks by itself, anyway, and give as much practical use.

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  • Powerful looks and color correction for filmmakers.
  • Not to mention their customer support is way more friendly and honest. Hey Red Giant! You listening? Better question is, "Do you give a rats behind about treating us like intelligent adults when we hand you our hard earned money? Last Edit: 18 Feb by BenB. BenB wrote: First, yes, resource use can cause an app to crash. Two things I'm grateful for: The Jim Beam in my office cabinet. That I do not own a gun. Not sure if this is good news or bad. I'd sure like some feedback what, in your collective experiences, should be my strategy.

    Unfortunately, it is not yet known when an update will be released to fix this issue; we are working on getting this resolved asap though. I have added you to our issue notification list so once an update has been released we will notify you. Or if you prefer I would be happy to process a refund for your copy of Looks. Last Edit: 23 Feb by goestas. Reason: added info. The tech I emailed insisted I had a second monitor connected to that graphics card, which I didn't.

    The tech support I received was so bad, I'd be extremely polite to call it grossly incompetent. I got a refund, and won't be going back after such horrible treatment. I did the post-refund survey, and no where did they ask me anything that could in any way technically contribute to them fixing or improving anything.

    At least I know I'm not the only person asking for a refund.

    Magic bullet looks free after effects cc mac

    Seem Red Giant knows they messed up bad, but refuse to admit it. Plain and simple. Follow up: I find it insulting that after the survey, they want to offer me a discount on Looks presets, after I got refunded and don't use it any longer.