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Comment 11 by gtr The regedit trick did not work for me, is it working for others?

Also, my install of Lync is OS is Windows 7 my install does not have a 'lync. Comment 11 Deleted. Comment 12 by Deleted Same issue here with Chrome version Confirmed that the above registry key's are correct on my machines.

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Comment 12 Deleted. Comment 13 by Deleted Installing Firefox and leaving Chrome as my default browser solved the problem for me. Chrome is now able to open the meeting in the Lync client.

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Comment 13 Deleted. Comment 14 by richardy Windows 7 x64 SP1 Lync: We have a Deleted: Comment 14 Deleted. Comment 15 by Deleted Open a conference meeting URL, allow the plugin to run always and your good to go! Comment 15 Deleted. Comment 16 by petepat Is it just me or is this working now? Chrome Version Comment 16 Deleted. Comment 17 by Deleted Looks like chrome doesnt know how to process the request. Comment 17 Deleted. Comment 18 by Deleted Changing from "Communicator. Comment 18 Deleted. Comment 19 by Deleted Any update on Chrome on a Mac in making this work? It is a major PIA.

I may have my team just use Skype instead. Comment 19 Deleted. Comment 20 by Deleted Best workaround: Install IE Tab extension for Chrome and configure it to handle your lync address e. Comment 20 Deleted.

Comment 21 by richardy It's still broken. No fix in sight? Comment 21 Deleted. Comment 22 by Deleted Regarding comment Thanks for providing that detail.

Join an online meeting - Lync for Mac

Comment 22 Deleted. Comment 23 by aaronfal Comment 23 Deleted. Comment 24 by richardy We don't have Lync. I don't know if this is unique to our environment, but we upgraded from OCS to Lync and the executable that launches Lync is communicator. Comment 24 Deleted. Comment 25 Deleted. Comment 26 Deleted. Comment 27 by Deleted You can download the plugin without installing firefox here: It was a neat solution for people who don't have admin rights to their computer, and solves for SharePoint too.

Comment 27 Deleted. Comment 28 by joshua Installing Firefox fixed this bug for me. Comment 28 Deleted. Comment 29 by daveswil None of the above solutions worked for me. I may be changing my default browser to Firefox if that works. Comment 29 Deleted. Comment 30 by aashm I didn't realize I was still on beta client due to a previous bug in the live version that was curating me grief that was fixed some time ago. I un-installed the beta and re-installed the love version and works for me. Comment 30 Deleted. Comment 31 by andy. I've just tried both regular version and beta.

Neither are working for me. Comment 31 Deleted. Comment 32 by mdl You may want to look into this: Comment 32 Deleted. Comment 33 by daveswil If MS was smart they would provide a meeting link which directly launches the local client instead of launching a web browser at all.

The "online meeting" might all be hosted via clients instead of browsers so give users the choice. If you didn't have Chrome open it would launch then try to reload all 37 tabs from your last session which is beyond annoying because they won't implement the delayed loading tab feature every other browser has. Thankfully I used to rarely shut down chrome so I didn't experience this issue often. Still at the end of the day Firefox is my new default. Comment 33 Deleted. Comment 34 by holgerax We tested quite alot on this, and it seems if we completely uninstall MS office including lync and instead install Office , it works.

Plug-in download fails

Some of our users still had a part of office installed along side with Office , and in this situation it didnt work; the web interface opened. Dont know if its just a coincindence or it helps, but there you have it. Comment 34 Deleted. Comment 35 by daveswil Good to know. Unfortunately Office and Lync Office 32 and 64 bit do not play well together. I have installed and uninstalled them 3 times trying to get a working configuration and I only recently had to do a repair to get Outlook working. It's starting to look less like a Chrome issue, but at the end of the day the Office stuff isn't going away so users are screwed in the process.

Comment 35 Deleted. Ask a question. Quick access.

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Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Asked by: Lync Server. Sign in to vote. When I click the online meeting url in Outlook for Mac Safari will be opened. Wednesday, April 26, 4: Thursday, April 27, 8: Surely, you must have customers using this thing from macOS? Using or deploying an older App version?

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